"Our job is not just to make our clients look good. Our job is to help them make money. I don’t know why, but our clients seem to really like this approach."
– Ray-Michael

The core Mercury 13 team brings more than 60 years of corporate and ad agency experience to work for clients of all sizes, from Fortune 500 companies to startups.

Creative Director | Denver

Ray-Michael Peterson is the founder of Mercury 13, a boutique creative agency that helps brands reach the next level, both on the balance sheet and in the public eye. Previously, he was Creative Director at Dow Jones & Co., where he led a dynamic, global creative services department supporting such well-known brands as The Wall Street Journal, Factiva and Barron’s. Ray-Michael began his design career at the prestigious Springer & Jakoby Agency in Hamburg, Germany, where he worked for key clients such as Mercedes, Otto department stores and Peter Stuyvesant.

Marketing | San Francisco

Adam Wade brings more than 15 years of award-winning marketing experience to Mercury 13, where he helps to bring beautiful creative to life with a perfectly timed and targeted message. A hardcore “marketing geek”, Adam is passionate about analytics and specializes in helping clients optimize their online presence for search. His work history includes successful stints with publishers Dow Jones & Co. and Wiley. Outside of Mercury 13, Adam has two primary hobbies: Phish and yoga.

Team Members
George Bogdis | Graphic Design
Kaitlyn Wightman | Content & SEO
Tejal Sughrue | Marketing Strategy
Rob George | Web Development
Kevin Anderson | Video Production